Kindred: Our Roots Entwined

Funded by Arts Council England, The Crystal Hare with Support from The Hub at St Mary’s and Lichfield

Kindred is a multi-disciplinary project run by Fleur Hall in collaboration with artists in the Midlands and Bristol.

Photography and Videography by Alexandra Hackett

Poetry by Katharine Baxter

Music by Leon Bailey

Kindred explores our individual and collective relationship with nature through dance, music, photography and the written word. The individual creations interact,  weaving a narrative that explores who we are when we immerse ourselves in the world around us and how Nature can change us as much as we change it.

 In the last twenty years, scientific research by Dr. Simard and others has proven what aboriginal peoples have known for millennia. Beneath the forest floor, a complex web of fungal connections brings trees together in a community that depends upon the Mother Tree. By communicating with the Mother Tree, groups of trees thrive. When trees are allowed to form these connections, the forest becomes a diverse habitat. 

Lunar Ladies

Lunar Ladies was a piece of work was created during a series of free workshops for women over 30. This project was funded by Arts Council England, and made with the support of Vanhulle Dance Theatre. The group performed at the Tilestone Studio in the Arena Theatre as a curtain raiser for the premiere of VDT’s ‘Yin’.

The project explored womanhood, and what it means to be a woman. Through chroreography and creative tasks the group explored what our own expectations are of ourselves as women, and how this is affected by society’s perception of a woman. The process lead to so many beautiful moments, including the poem at the end of the video, where you can see Shobana read out a poem she wrote after a session where she had worked closely with another dancer.

‘Telemores’ – Music Video

Choreographed and performed the role of the central characters younger self, as she looked back at the decisions she had made and how they had lead her to this point.

Every Day and Extraordinary Exhibition

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

This project’s aim was to help inspire young people interest in modern art, and how they interact with it. Fleur was a dancing robot, who performed something in response to certain provocations from a mad scientist as families toured around the exhibition.

Seven Deadly Sins

A short film, sharing the seven deadly through movement.

Bath Visual Radio

Improvised performance with a live guitarist, streamed through local online radio.